Where is Silki Beauty based? 

We are located in Melbourne, Australia.

Are Silki Beauty's products the same quality as other on the market?

The short answer is no! Not all rollers and gua sha are created equally. The quality & durability of cheap & inauthentic brands does not compare to our high quality skincare tools.

Many manufacturers on the market choose to use inauthentic Rose Quartz, chemically processed materials, or low-grade Quartz  

Our tools are exclusively made with 100% Natural, high quality Rose Quartz Crystal, sourced from Brazil. 


Does the colouring differ for each Rose Quartz tool? 

Yes! Due to the natural origins of the Rose Quartz, the colouring appearance differs between each unique tool. We do not use dyes or false colouring. This means your skincare tools are one of a kind


How long should I use my tools to see results? 

We recommend using your skincare tools 5-10 minutes per day, morning or night.

You should see immediate results in the appearance of your skin after each use, and an improvement in the quality of your skin in time with regular use. 


I have sensitive skin, is this suited to me? 

Yes, our skincare tools are made for everyone. Ensure you use with skincare products that suit your unique skin type. 


Can I use the tools on other parts of my body?

Yes! Our roller and gua sha are perfect for use all over the body. It can help relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation. 

Is the Rose Quartz fragile? 

Yes, Rose Quartz is fragile and must be treated with care. Unfortunately we cannot send replacements for accidental breakages. With adequate care, these tools will last a lifetime!

Tip: Try storing your tools in the Silki Beauty box if you do not have another safe place to keep them!