Beginners Guide: 101



We have put together a beginners guide on how to get the best results with your new skincare tools!



  • Ensure your tools are clean and kept in a cool, dry place. 

  • Use a gentle soap or micellar water to keep your tools clean after every use.

  • Keep in the fridge for best results!

  • Use with your favourite facial oil, serum, moisturiser or mist!

  • Both tools can both be used all over the body, neck, and jaw to relieve muscle pain and tension

  • Remove tool from skin after each stroke, always using upwards motions


Rose Quartz Facial Roller: 

Always apply firm, yet comfortable pressure in upwards and outwards motions. Use caution around the eye and temple area.

1. Start at the chin and roll horizontally along and underneath your jawline 

2. Moving upwards on the face, roll along the cheeks and cheekbones towards the temples

3. Using the smaller end of the roller, massage under and above the eye (use caution around the eye)

4. Massage along the brow bones, moving across towards the temples

5. Massage from your brows upwards to the hairline, across the forehead

6. Massage along the décolletage and neck area, relieving tension on the sides of your neck and jawline 


Rose Quartz Gua Sha: 

Always apply firm yet comfortable pressure, in upwards and outwards motions. Hold the tool on a flat angle against the skin. Temporary redness of the area is expected. 

1. Place the contoured edge around your jawline on your chin and sweep in upwards motions against the skin towards the ear.

2. Repeat this step along the cheekbone towards the outer corner of your eye or temple

3. Under the eye (using very light pressure) use the narrow end of the Gua Sha to massage the tear troughs outwards to your temples. 

The under-eye area is very sensitive - imagine yourself sweeping lightly across the surface of water. 

4. Place the narrow end of the Gua Sha between your brow, and move along the brow bone towards the temple/hairline. 

5. Using the flat edge of your Gua Sha, begin at the top of the brow-bone and move towards the upper hairline across the forehead.

6. Massage in upwards motions along the sides of the neck and under the jawline.

7. Use the contoured end of the tool along the sides of your neck to relieve muscle tension and pain. 


We reccomend looking into credited traditional Chinese practitioners for professional advice and further instruction on how to properly use the Gua Sha tool.


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